Monday, September 1

Sarah Palin, Everyday Woman

I have a long post covering everything from the past month or so, but that doesn't have time for me right now.

But about the subject and title, Everyone just needs to chill the fcck out. Pregnancy was a completely unknown subject here in this election, but Palin actually seems a very adept pick now. Just two months left and people are seeing a softer side of McCain. Simply by association.

Who you gonna believe, baby? Me or your lying eyes?

If the Republicans succeed in making this another election about Nothing, (and the Democratic party responds with an equally favoring whirlwind of react quotes and conspiracies) people will go into the voting booths thinking that this election ain't too big a deal after all. I'm just gonna go with the Reality Television vote. I'm gonna pick the wazoo grandpa and the hot librarian. Maybe they'll appoint Mr. T, Joe Lieberman, and formers CEOS in all of the cabinet positions.

Casually but respectfully dismiss the antics of the Republican party, but don't give them all that steam. That only encourages them into more of this behavior in the future. And Remember, the Republican party banks on your ability to Not Give a Shit Either Way. That has been the secret to their success.

It'll stay that way in 2 months or 2 years if we keep acting like that horny local news reporter who covers the politician hoping to speak truth to power but ends up going to bed with dirty political scandal. Also, in two months or ten months, we will also really know how far along the pregnant daughter really is. After the election. I'm sure that came out in the vetting process.

One word of advice, America, Keep Your Panties On!