Friday, November 19

Food Safety and Modernization act

Food Safety and Modernization Act being stalled. Harkin D-IA and Enzie R-WY need your support. Big Ag and Lobby groups with ironic misnomers are blanketing their offices. No mention of price control on seed and fertilizer to protect small farmers. Amendments we need are 1)Compliance Fees and 2)Small Farm exemption, and both are on the table. This should circumvent risible earmark moratorium as it would prevent massive food suppliers from changing states and or litigating they're way out of many infractions.

Sens. Harkin's (202) 224-3254 and Enzie's (202) 224-3424. If you've never called a DC office, it takes 5 minutes, isn't about arguing, and doesn't really factor all what you say. It's more like a running tally of support/oppose on issues; and all they'll ask you for is your zip code. 2 minutes if all you say is "Vote Yes on Food Safety and Modernization Act." Senators feel the super squeaky bum time if only a lot of you're from their state, so don't feel you need to leave them out. Stinking Corn and Hutch R's-TX have identical "unacceptable in any form" stance on the bill. Tell them why they shouldn't.