Tuesday, January 20

Let's Call Him B-H.

One of the things that always bothered me about the communication among the Barack Obama camp was that we most succintly referred to him as BO. Some people always tended to use the more formal Senator or President-elect Obama, but for those whom efficiency is a standard, there was no other shorthand more used.

He's elected already. If we call him BH, it's another new piece to the cultural zeitgeist and more of the world making sense. Two scoops of Obama praise. His speech was the culmination of the week and the programming the most adept thank you to the nation for coming through for him. Hopefully the thank yous are over since the even tone of his speech was also his way of saying enough with the freaking fanaticism (though I would guess his nervousness was also reason for the even tone.)

He should be nervous. The whole world is counting on him. Still, the text of his speech far exceeds the delivery today. He deserved it. We have ourselves a President my lovelies.

I will say more about the content of his speech after we've seen some of it in action. Also, I want to find out what Bush's last actions in office were.

Did you check out the new website whitehouse.gov ?

Thursday, January 15

BHO: Not Just The Regular First Inaugural Address

I am getting really ants in my pants excited about the Monday and Tuesday. I am volunteering for the national day of service and thinking about what can be done in February. I'll let you know when I come up with something. Monday is just a bunch of Obama volunteers talking healthcare at several venues locally. There are a couple of minority factions trying to lobby for Solar farming, Black history month activities involving Barack Obama in public schools, and getting state representatives to deny bailout funding for cable companies (they're asking) unless they help deliver one of Obama's campaign promises, Free Universal Wi-Fi. The current tactic being espoused by MediaMatters.ORG is free universal broadband, but whatever, I'll take anything over the freakin tiered internet that undoubtedly would have passed should another Executive won office. You still hearing that noise up north too? Now she wants to kill beluga whales in addition to polar bears. What, you didn't know that while some glaciers melt, others are getting larger? It's called Springtime. Gosh, I don't think you are educationed like a Governor would be. Who ever heard of a person without executive experience that didn't know what they were talking about?

I said I would never talk about her again. It appears as if we are somewhat unable to because of the stupid rules about terms of office. If we must, I remit we never speak her name. It'll be like that time that boy soiled his pants on the way to Sunday morning church when I was 10. Just too embarrassing to refer to directly.

I couldn't help myself, here is one more slideshow summing up the Bush years. You'll have to click because the Guardian is being really protective of this Steve Bell cartoonist piece. People still supporting Bushie should be ashamed of themselves. Defend whatever ideas you think are salvageable and worth defending but leave Bush's name out of it. He's the best evidence America has seen of how the entire American government can fail its people. We are huge and big and powerful but still not yet invincible. No one is.

This thing will be more link-heavy and informative when things get started again. I really haven't been doing much because there hasn't been much to talk about-- At least not the way I talk about them.

Wednesday, January 14

Moving of Minds

Holy Fucken Shit, Shut the Fuck Up You Spine Red Jelly Fish!

Before we can start talking about the Obama presidency, we should think we could wait til it actually starts. His moves have been spot on by the way. But he's just getting ready folks, ya'llz better duck those eggs for cover.

But seriously, whether you criticize the new President or are so humanly jaded as to gleam a little like old copper by the sea, you probably work for some tiny conservative rag that's always getting it right but no one ever looks to because it's the essence and holiness of Politics that sicks at your soul. And that, my friends, takes time. So hold your collective breath, but not too long. There's moving to do.

Or if you must pundit, reflect on the things we can take in perspective like:

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency

Good Riddance and Happy New Year!

Let's say we break out the fireworks on a New New Year's Eve. Fresh New Years Eve of Beverly Hills. The CIA Panetta appointment, by the way, is an exercise in focusing the combined efforts of this nations' military and intelligence might. He doesn't have foriegn intelligence experience, but he has been an a President's Chief of Staff. And fucking Arkansas shoot his own sister in the foot cause you were kissin on her Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. Think Toby even though that Fed Reserve dude bears more resemblance. Calculating and boldness that can get some cooperation with DHS going. Cutting taxes? You know you don't say boo on a President who cuts your taxes. Let's see how strong Hope fuels a confidence shortage. It isn't wholly unlike The day after Christmas. It's a gamble, but if we *wistfully* could just keep the miracle going year round.

Something interesting has happened in my little town. The city council voted to referendum the legalization of marijuana. The argument is that legalization will stop the really massive and terrible Mexican murders and executions to decrease. "Crime is spilling over the border into our homes. A man was tortured." "Four were killed Jan. 1st in Juarez, Mexico." "Terrorists are going to bomb the Rio Grande and break a wide hole where jihadists can roam freely into our country to burn our women and rape our churches!" Thank you Whitest Kids and Brownback, R-KS.

The only short-term solution I can see is giving American citizens special status or consideration for traveling into Mexico. Crossing the border requires a passport for over a year now. It was shortly after that time that the violence in our sister city started to rise. No one was going over to Juarez unless they had family over there, and no one is going over there now because of the fear we might be robbed or kidnapped. The ransoms are usually egregiously absurd amounts of money like 30 million dollars or other such senseless crime. The lack of American commerce spilling over into their city is making the crime business a big time player once more.

That being said, I'd like to say Why pot is a bad idea.

Even if it were legalized, the American population is not responsible enough to handle a hallucinogenic substance. Alcohol may impair judgment, but you can stay high for years at a time, and there's no telling what cockamamie signatories Americans full of pot would be. It is an interesting idea to have something so benign as pot not weigh as a legal worry in life, but the trade-offs in American spirit and productivity are approximate to the costs. To do it to offset crime, as our city council voted unanimously in favor of considering, would be the wrong time to do it in the wrong city. If it is as I expect, wholly an ideological move, then it has already been a success. Good to mention it so long as it doesn't pass.

And if you're trying to point to some classic example to prove your point, let us remember what lesson we learned from recent documentation of one of our greatest Presidents, Abraham Lincoln.

I bet you thought more of Shakespeare before now, too.

As a general policy, I think that people should have to demonstrate a certain functionality and comfort in life in order to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana. This would take away the criminally violent incentive from the drug business, especially if it were illegal for anyone but the government to sell the stuff in this country. Even if the drug lords could buy the most ingenious Specs. on the market, they wouldn't be able to compete with the quality American agri-business can concoct.

I watched C-Span today and it was right out the gate with Guantanamo Bay. They are going to be relentless if Obama doesn't make filibustering seem like the biggest pussy roll in all of politics. Indeed, there are other ways the game is played and it would be in all our interests if we saw less Congressional bully pulpit.

Obama will remain tough on terror. Just realize this is for the long haul. There is no way to quickly defeat an enemy we've decided is a race, a religion, a people, and a part of the world. You cannot solve this problem on a map. The sake of one for the sake of another, principles are an asset. When it is the sake of many for the sake of just one, especially if that one's pride or any other sin is at cost, principles are liabilities. America will torture but not as a first means, and not to the extent that it becomes unregulated and untrained again. Guantanamo should close.

America the grand and beautiful idea can find another name to call it.

Any time we need to.

An email with the best of the past election, a list of handy informational sites, and the complex breakdown of the sites which will give you a pretty concise rundown of Obama's first hundred days. They are at least what I think he needs to address in the first hundred days and some explication as to the options. Just send me a pm or leave a comment and I will get you the info. Thanks.