Wednesday, February 25

Party for 2

It is curious how the Republican party thought they'd solved it. Especially since it is the end of the Republican party as they know it. I am skeptical to think a man like Karl Rove is motivated by anything like principles, but one thing that he believes in is that 10 years before the end of the Cold War, America found its center. I do not know anything about the downfall of the USSR, but I'm sure that if they had a guy like Rove, they'd execute him. Unless he was doing the executing.

Yes, we can all be glad we are neither former Soviet Russia or Fascist Germany. Yes we can.

I saw this weird speech from Ron Paul addressing members of CPAC. Here's their agenda for the annual conference, this Feb 26-28. Whether or not we can take them seriously will come down to whether or not these youngish Republicans can separate themselves from the current Party Machine while keeping those dollars.

Have you ever worked for a manager that, goods to gods, you would swear they wouldn't be able to do the jobs for what they so fervently harass your fellow underlings? Usually, the business model encouraged this behavior. All of the blame and intimidation flows down through multiple levels of management until it trickles down to you. Taking their shit is an unwritten part of your job description to hide the fact that no one above you has their shit together; you just have to listen to the bitching. And don't do anything that could get you locked up.

Masking the current Conservative movement as a return to Goldwater/Reagan/Gingrich politics is a defense plan for the Republican sham. And we have 10 years to defeat terrorism, find our center, and create a viable two-party system. Not with a photo. Not with a constant media feed. Not with empty rhetoric.

I don't think that a man like Karl Rove or Stephen Colbert or George Bush or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow or Tina Fey believe that America can solve any problem in 10 years. (I only use that number arbitrarily as that's roughly the time it took to get pictures of Americans on the Moon or Reagan to swashbuckle those commies into submission.) They feel compassion for America and its struggles, but they don't have faith in the people. Frankly, you don't give them a reason to. I believe it though. For all the problems I have with you individually, I am grateful that there are so many of you making a diverse, miracle of a planet for me. Americans in brandishing unison are like the World's version of superheroes.

The reason we loved Reagan so much was that he made us all believe it for awhile. Capitalism was allowed to run free and the money was good. The 80s were more business immoral than the 70s, but we believed that Capitalism was the new God and answer for all sovereign ills. Reagan, whatever his values were, proves to have been unique where the Democrats at that time did not credit him. His illness and age made him 'dial it in' for his 2nd term, but the man he was in the 1st term allowed for it. The republican thought they'd solved it. Get a moral, stubborn, charismatic Leading man, and America will fall at your feet. Give 'em a Reagan, and we'll give them what they need. Bush is no Reagan. Bush II is no Reagan. Steele is no Reagan. He's not even a Sharpton. He's more of a character from TGIF family sitcoms trying to play it 'ethnic.' Jindal is like Chez called it, Kenneth from 30 Rock. No amount of stupid human tricks will turn your party around. Since you are not willing to apologize and move forward with a sharp, steady eye, you must abandon ship.

Obama is your Reagan now. Just as Reagan won the recenter privileges, Obama now was earned it. Give it some time. See how it is. It couldn't possibly be as bad as you are saying it is. and what's more, the outlandish things you say leave America with only one option. We are not going to board your Crazy Train.

Judd Gregg fucked up. Ron Paul is playing his cards in opposition to the Republican party, still naively clinging to the fact that he can make it his Republican party. Honestly dude, I like you. I'm telling you this because I believe America thrives with at least two parties. The ONLY way that Americans are going to accept a third party is to market it as the new Second party. Ron Paul, you are not in the position to take the reins from a Machine. Ditch those assholes. The only way they will ever change is when they die of old age or the guilt and hypocrisy of their vice. By Cardinals, we'd call it Pride.

The economy is in trouble. We are putting our faith in the dips and crests of statistical history. The major stimulus in the economy is coming from government dollars. If you look in the the Economist's Year in 2009, you can see that the graph of US growth these same dips and crests every year. No stagnation. For the past 3 quarters: Stagnation. The purely expansionist business model that exploded in the 1980s has been prevalent for nearly forty years now. America has never, as a nation, had to draw back. Every time we were met with hardship, the economy bounced back better than ever. The depressions might've been deep, but we could rest assured that for all but a latent period in the early 90s, the booms were massive.

The way I see the economic plan: It's a gamble. But what do we do when we spend money and we don't have a lot to spend. We put our money where we'll have something to show for it once it's spent. That is one of the main points of this second major stimulus package. The first one, Bush authored and passed along through 2009, threw money at the problem and over half of it is unaccounted for. We should try the people responsible for this treason, or at least this theft. It would probably be enough to seize their assets. They deserve to be dragged into the streets and torn to pieces by hand by the people they've robbed, but only if we're talking about justice here.

Obama's plan is a move towards socialist economic theory. That's not such a bad thing. I have always supported socialist thinking, but concurrently realize that a major problem with it is its lack of incentives. The best and the brightest should have more, and they should be able to work to whatever they choose to add to the overall productivity of mankind. The major destructive force of Capitalism is that is creates individuals who seek to profit without contributing to the overall productivity of God or country. A participational economy is far beyond what Obama would propose, but he is spending the money on education and energy and buttressing the middle class. He is making public risk more public-controlled. The government shouldn't have to deal with many of these problems (it isn't the government's fault that banks fail,) but the darker sides of Capitalism has become too prevalent to be trusted.

You do not fear this, but if the middle class would ever rise for the justified outrages we suppress, the politicians, corporations and lobbies quickly would all know the errors of their ways. More on economy in the future as this one is running long.

If you're feeling the Daily Show, you should check out the Obama is Hitler spot from Jason Jones? Where is that guy? Wasn't it Sam Bee that had the baby?

If instead you want to see all of that Ron Paul CPAC speech, here it is in three parts. He touches a lot of his regular points. You shouldn't be shocked by any of his shocking statements. He's been saying them for years now. The important thing is that he is raising his dissent inside the Republican epicenter. And he obviously has people behind him.

This last part is a different take on the war on terrorism. I do think he's right that Osama Bin Laden likes our Middle Eastern policy, but not as much as the oil companies do. He doesn't mention this. His only solution is to remove American interventionist policies from around the world. That's wrong, Ron. If you ever do get your party, drop all the crazy talk. Concentrate domestically but don't screw with foreign policy. It needs to be fixed, but you are not the man to deal with it.