Saturday, April 26

The GOP destroyed Bill Clinton

Why has no one destroyed Dick Cheney? It's true. I am not sure how one could go about it. I've taken my cues from the Democratic leadership. Any strong opponents to the Bush administration seem only to have television shows. I knew it was coming. We knew it was coming. Today I read in the Washington Post that we are getting into War with Iran.
This puts the incoming President in a difficult position. Out of Iraq and a few miles over.
I know there has been lots to focus on in the Democratic race, but here is your unifier Clinton/Obama. Start doing the President's job before your in office. Formulate clear objectives with a skeletal cabinet of advisors. Stop the sticker stamping and trail hoofing for two weeks. Give us a taste of what's to come and convince everyone of what you're doing.
Honestly, I don't think Clinton stands a very good chance of winning over no-candidate McCain. I think that most people are allowing their fears to speak for them. Primal and subconscious fears that can make a person hit the voting booth at the last minute. They get it in their heads that they're saving something voting for the Clintons.
Obama, you're the man. Let me tell you one thing: You are being sucked into "the political machine." You've won on every platform you've been asked to. At the end of this thing, you're going to have the lead in all of the categories. By June 1st, the nomination should be yours. But here's the thing, distractions are to the American public as balls of string are to cat-nipped shorthairs. Discard most of the phrases you've been repeating. Wash them from you're mind. Stop doing like the Republicans and the Clintons do by telling us "what the people think, what the people know." Unmask the rhetorical trick and then give us the real story. Tell it to us like most of us can understand it. Explain to us how universal healthcare can adopt some socialist tenets while maintaining a profit-driven framework. Personally I do not support universal healthcare in this country. Inevitably we would come to the conversation that Americans as a race tend to abuse their freedoms. Free healthcare! We would keep the joints busy. What we say about foreign nations may not be true, but there may be some grain of truth as to what our hospitals would become.
Big problems to correct. 1. Health insurance companies are attempting to get as much something for as little close to nothing as they are finding legal and/or possible. 2. Health insurance companies do not have the right to contradict a doctor or specialists prescribed regiment.
Here you go, Obama. Certain rest homes, health facilities, and juvenile facilities would have to retain their own medical staff. Yes, this would mean that the market would bring the surface only a few organizations. For all of the rest of the doctors not officially opting out of the aggregate hospital beds, surgery hours-- basically all of the aggregate everything you can measure -- and dividing this by the total number of patients in the United States. This still does nothing for immigration, but I am sure we can set up private health care facilities or emergency care facilities at little to no cost. It would be worthwhile for the more accurate census information.
Okay, now we have a market of hospital units. Let's call them hospital hours. Say everyone age 15-65 gets 15 hospital hours, 6 lab hours, 2 surgery. It can more wittingly be devised according to age group, but for the sake of arguing, let's call these our numbers. Say you have a very serious ailment like cancer.
Your hours would dry up rather quickly. You might need 50 hours of lab work this year. You might need 30-90 hours of hospital visits. We might have to streamline how those visits are done. This is where a market is created.
Suddenly, a healthy young person who wouldn't use their health care at all has a commodity. He can sell his hospital hours at a rate determined by the market, with a price ceiling imposed by the governing institution. They would look like blue dollars good only for the fiscal year, US minted, and It would take a decade to hammer out the benefits of selling versus saving, and I am sure there would be some over anxious people selling their hours a bit too hastily, or our of cost necessity; but it would be a necessary and messy obstacle in achieving what so many Americans seem intent on.
The incentives for medical staff would run along how many patients they had made healthy. I am not sure exactly how this works either, but it has beenworked out in other countries such as England.
Now before you are worried about tax hikes, I am sure that there are plenty of public programs that can be trimmed before we get to that.

Tuesday, April 15

Letter to the El Paso Times

I am a 27 yr. old participating in his first Presidential election. Yes, I have voted in the two previous elections, but not until this year did I actively investigate and support the candidates. I am what can be described as an independent. For my generation, that means basically a conservative Democrat who wants to be proud of America but knows that cannot be achieved in the role of spectator. Where most of us have turned to our professions, small business, or entrepreneurship, some of us are willing to relent on our purely personal positions in favor of fixing this election process.

In the big picture, what the state committees do for the El Paso delegation is of little importance. In most scenarios, Clinton will get two national delegates from the area to Obama's one. The most important thing Donald Williams is doing showing me how it is done. The same day he issued the challenge, he sent the document to a big list of delegates and alternates to the state convention. He has remained in contact and talks with anyone who has a question. He let me know that there is a way to be heard.

Ken Sutherland is a really nice guy. There is little reason to doubt him. He sounds like Hans Christian Anderson. It was true that Clinton appeared in force. It is also true that if Danny Anchondo behaved in a way that meant to respect both candidates, the ratio would have been roughly 2-1. You have to realize, Mr. Bracamontes, that is not a matter of "fairness." Being involved in these campaign and as a volunteer at the Democratic Headquarters, I know there is no such thing as "ideal." That lesson took no time or any hiding at all.

The mayor was there. Silvestre Reyes was there. No one said anything. The few private citizens who did raise parliamentary points were met with jeers and boos from the crowd. None of the officials encouraged consideration for any speaker. I suggest you go to the next democratic meeting. See how Mr. Anchondo runs a meeting. The same quick, run-amok agenda is pressed through, no questions given any moment of genuine thought, and everyone gets home by 7pm-- unless you stay for the pizza and handshakes. I have only raised questions to the man three times and those were in an office setting. Three times he gave me incorrect information that other staff in the Democratic HQ later rectified.

Believe what you will about the county convention, but mark my words, the time of the incompetent homunculous is nearing its end. He better use all the tactics in his arsenal. If there is one thing people three +/- years my age are good at, it's smelling out a fink.

Tuesday, April 8

Pensee: A

We must know what policies we vote on are merely a matter of performing them now or at a later time. We must also be sure of which policies do more than simply enact law as writ. Those that can only suffer progress by increment and benefit very little from delay must make their gains every year. Those policies that are by judicious decision found incomplete must be delayed until such time as their shortcomings are addressed. Moreover, we must have a government delivered to us in plainer speech than this.

Let it not be understated: there are greater things than government. Policy is the main tool, but it is no greater solvency to society's ills than any other single trumpet calling for the victory of the people. The citizen is as important as the leader. The type of leader not only is aware that he may lose to the will of a single citizen, but he also is capable of losing without vital cost to the greater good. Mankind in any capacity must feel it is making its own decisions, and the leaders must be comfortable with this in more than appearance. As citizens, but certainly as leaders, we must oblige by being able not only to understand views anti-polar to our own, but find ourselves able enough to draw their argument as well or better as they could. We do not spare ourselves of the critical mind. We do not forget the ideals we represent. We are not afraid to look out.

And come what may.