Friday, July 11

Bad Science

"One of the foremost experts on global warming says he has solved the problem," WIRED magazine reports. Enlist an fleet of supersonic jets to diffuse a chemically stable form of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, allow chemical reaction to bond with water molecules in the atmosphere, and a reflective coating will bounce the heat from the sun back off the ocean. Sit back and watch the world temperatures drop, and Kablamo! global warming solved.

Holy Crap.

That is the stupidest suggestion I have heard to solve this problem. Sulfur dioxide, by the way, is the by product of burning coal. Chemically stable SO2? So at least it isn't radioactive, ionized, or electrically charged carbon gas. Fantastic. There's already a plastic soup layer in the Pacific Ocean. Why don't we just make it a dark plastic soup layer so all that coal smoke becomes unnecessary? I know this is a bit off topic for this blog, but how retarded is this? Has WIRED gone off its rocker? This from the same July issue that argues the Internet will make Scientific rigor in social sciences obsolete. Has WIRED gotten Tired? WTF?

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