Friday, August 29

It's Simple Kids, Think of Your Own

Barack Obama's plan is little more than basic, responsible accounting and budget decisions. He believes in paying for programs as you go. This principle shouldn't be foreign to government, but nonetheless is little heeded in Washington.

Here is some background to what is called Paygo budgetary propriety.
Paygo PDF

Here is a trail of the missteps taken after PAYGO was abandoned.

Nov 2004 Better look out.

Mar 2006 Be ready to move.

Sep 2007 Before it snaps your legs off.

Feb 2008 So depressing, they even made these guys quit keeping count.

Now to the good stuff.

By electing Barack Obama, we will have a President in office on the side of the people. He understands that the accomplishments President Bush has made for friends and associates ultimately hurt this nation and them that have made personal fortunes with his help.

Barack's themes of Hope and Action are the clarion calls for Americans to represent the society democracy can allow. A strong middle class and opportunities to compete in a free market are vital to American lifestyles both here and abroad.

Here is the short version.

Aug 2008 or if you like,

Here is the more comprehensive plan.

Barack Obama will not be able to get everything he wants, but his plan represents a significantly prosperous shift that will benefit the majority of Americans. He will prioritize economy above all other domestic issues. Any changes he makes will be presented and explained to the nation.

This is not a matter of Democrat versus Republican. The United States of America is the epicenter of democracy for the world. We must show the world the benefits to democracy, free markets and capitalism. We must stand firmly against autocratic and plutocratic policies this country tends to adopt in times of stress and conflict. We must be at our greatest when times are at their most difficult. 'We' is everyone in America with ears, but especially the younger ones. We are the ones especially that need to show the rest of the world and the guaranteed opposition how their democracy will work better.

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