Friday, November 7

Time Out

Morning Recitation

The day does not wait for me to start.
Every moment I encounter, I want.
There are those who do not believe in what they can do.
They will try to decimate our world and what we believe in.
These are signs we are in real trouble and due for more.
All of us must preserve a little faith and much fight.
We must both want and give, inform and finesse.
We have no option to quit. Always come back.

I want my brother, my family, my wife to know beauty.
I know this sounds a little cheesy and grandiose.
I am addicted to influencing the outcomes.
We will get exactly what we deserve.
Smarter citizens make better citizens.
They with power will continue to enfeeble the weak.
They are only deluded of their strength if we ignore them.
They remain powerless only if we do not become them.

If you will be any help to anyone else at all and one of us:
You must be aware of every person in every room.
You must know what it is to be unselfish.
You do know that danger is inevitable fun.
You cannot allow yourself to become nervous or panicked.
Regardless of involvement, all actions are apart of the solution.
One of us must have answers for what we change things to.
Not just one, but somewhere in the ones here right now.
Teach and learn, talk and listen when appropriate.

We are the human race, meaning two things:

1.Nothing is as guaranteed as life being fragile, unpredictable, and short.
2.Life is the transmutability of change; reality is harsh and man-made.
And if a third, one must also understand to pass enough along to the next one.

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