Tuesday, August 4

Hate This Evil Bullshit

I hate the world.

I am going through life, abated, when something or someone happens that has me absolutely incensed. I realize I am enjoying the distractions but, my hate of the world is renewed.

I've written dozens of posts here, but I get back to the feeling I have when a truly evil atrocious joke, piece, or poetry burns a spot across my page. I hesitate before I send it out into the world. What makes the difference, you ask? That we relinquish the responsibility for the masses, even to the extent to which we feed the Zeitgeist, the large inexorable woolly mammoth of civilization that won't suffer a few extra calories, here or there.

All the better if some of us can make money for just saying exactly what the rest of us are thinking-Just write what will be popular- Who can fault that, right? They are doing what you would be doing if you had the talent. Plus, taking a strong position and sticking to it mortalizes the Endless vampire news cycles.

Am I giving you mixed messages? I almost love the world. Yet, I hate this fucking evil bullshit and the fact that you cannot tell the difference. I don't think you're necessarily evil. I only know there's a problem when the inept fucking mongoloid Congressmen trying to make the small sliver of people that contact them feel better and complain less don't realize that their jobs are about standards and if allowing, idealism.

Sure, the Inferi sound like humans, but that comes out of a pecuniary efficiency. From a business aspect, there is no problem. Losses being felt in newspapers are healing themselves through cutting edge graphics packages and by introducing dramatic storylines to every fucking fifteen minutes of 24-hour news coverage. Whether conservative or liberal, even when we examine an honest-to-goodness journalist, most of their bosses are micro-managers-penetrating-skulduggery more than they are writers, news editors, or journalists. They don't have to make sense. They are paid executives which pull in numbers. Viewers already hold the prejudices they do. We just sell them the sounding board. No one listens. How is anybody supposed to win? Viewers just need to hear themselves talk back at them. Such is the American infatuation with himself.

Only I don't get my sounding board. I wish there was something I could turn to. Even The Daily Show and Today in Washington don't express the outrage I have for what good Christian Americans did to destroy hope in America, and what they are being used for to destroy today. I am thinking very succinctly about posting a religious experience post to let my little brothers and sisters know what I think we can take from yout religion. We have been doing so all along, and to deny a candid exchange would be to leave it in the hands of the morons and idiots who used to run that Ferris Wheel churches. So I am writing, here and there, and using as few tricks as possible to make the best arguments I can these next few posts. I do my research, and only have not written about health care because it is so difficult to find useful data to formulate an argument.

I want to state here that I am in full support of President Obama and the executive branch. I only think that Congress is full of pussies. Fuck you too, Senator Cornyn. You talk out of the side of your mouth.

I don't know that much about Republican officials. They seem, by and large, better than their constituents. This part should have more detail, but this part isn't directed at Republicans.

I'd wager the better part of my life that 25% of Democratic officials are ill-gotten seats. In lean times, this proportion may shrink, but I tend to believe that the reverse is true. It has nothing to do with being marginal or sensible or right. Politics attracts the personalities that are good at manipulating people, and more than half the time, they are incredibly bright. It's easy to run for elections if you're this type of person. Sure, the defeats are heart-rendering and victories exhilarating, but this type of person thrives on these lifestyles. There are only two types of decisions: unconscious or desperate. With steel resolve, a politician knows the life of desperation. He feels dead when it is over. And if he's lucky, only after he's retired does his appetite become embarrassing.

Congress quakes a confluence of evil. Like corpses filled with lava but bubbling in a matrix on the skin doesn't break or incinerate, only smolder. Sorry to go through some basics here-Maybe I am repeating them to make it clear for myself, but important members of Congress position so that they become experts on their local complexities. The theory is that near enough of them spread across the land sooner or later we have experts on every possible problem the country could face. That the Congress should convene on a Federal level and use tax-levied funding to see what works. For every unique obstacle, we'll have applied aggregate solutions. If they can keep their contractors and sub-authorities honest, soon the public will discover what works best.

The problem is this lowest 25%, the ill-gotten seat, a percentage no less catastrophic in the Republican party. The games they play for blood and glory. The petty Congresswomen only know how to manipulate, and because of the short terms, they can afford to run on their selected issue the duration of their terms. They only refine their bullshit, and learn how to take a hit. They know one day a big hit may come, and if it does, they are not surprised. They have been practicing for this day, and they change their game to Survival mode, hoping to God you and him buy their bullshit so they can come back in as little time as it takes for voters to remember what next thing is most important to them.

Health Care

Biggest problems.

What it needs to be, short and concise version:

1. Satisfying the moral imperative. Health care can kill you. It sounds funny, but if indeed you are dying of a terminal disease, not only must you carry on your fight so that your family doesn't think that you want to give up on life and on loving them, but you must head to your grave knowing that you will leave an insurmountable and rising debt for the family you leave behind. Insurance companies do not like to carry terminal patients with lasting and expensive health procedures and medications. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE. It is government's omral imperative to look out for the welfare of its citizens when such a large imposition of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is not only ever-present, but looming larger.

2. Controlling costs. I don't know how to fix this. I don't have the access to understand how new machines are sold or which new medicines are the results of innovative breakthroughs as opposed to marketing for profits. Raising revenue for researching the terminal diseases without raising taxes may not be a possibility, but as a person without medical health insurance (or medical needs) even I would be willing to pay more or even a significantly larger portion of my paycheck if we decided as a country that we would take care of everyone who got cancer. We should be able to indirectly control health costs if we can manage to provide the significantly smaller population of those afflicted with cancer. This can itself show government's commitment to refrain from running health care totally, but also provide a necessary testing ground for government involvement in an expanded and pervasive public health care program.

3. Diminishing abuses and patient med-seeking. I could understand all of these 'grassroots' demonstrations going on at townhalls if they were saying "WE DON'T DESERVE FREE HEALTH CARE." It is a stretch, but make the Medicare/Medicaid deduction larger, but make it so that while not everyone is covered for all of the preventative measures Americans would no doubt abuse, no American would need worry that a serious, terminal illness would wipe out their family as well as extinguish their life.

4. Non-permanent oversight by Congress. Only temporary with the fiat options to forcibly readjust costs that insurance and pharmaceutical companies do to drive their CFOs submissive. Treat for-profit hospitals like businesses and charge them the above corporate rates based of their market share so that conglomerates do not form amongst hospitals the way they have between health insurers, or at least to slow the rate at which this indirect price manipulation is occurring.

5. Political offense. Call the Republican leaders by name pussies. Call them upstarts. Call them by name and accuse them of being bitter, schoolyard bullies who refuse to add anything constructive to an initiative that not only needs to take place, but that will take place. Tell them that they need to realize that if they are this uncooperative, they get no motherfucking cookies- no motherfucking chocolate milk- nothing but sent to bed. Democrats need to use their idealism and take a bullet for the 2010 elections. Obama is still President. He needs harsh and SPECIFIC named criticism to leak. Then he needs to say that those statements, while unprofessional, are not out of character with the opposition named. It will be potentially disastrous if fuckwads can interpret these comments as the President criticizing poor little Republicans as a whole. There needs to be some primary footage or media recording to leak out later so that people, even those opposed to the President or his health reform initiative now, will realize through the battering of a 2010 election that the fuckwads playing for their side are worse than the Democrats they believe are the enemy. I don't like Pelosi either, but she's a sight better than most of what's available.

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