Tuesday, April 15

Letter to the El Paso Times

I am a 27 yr. old participating in his first Presidential election. Yes, I have voted in the two previous elections, but not until this year did I actively investigate and support the candidates. I am what can be described as an independent. For my generation, that means basically a conservative Democrat who wants to be proud of America but knows that cannot be achieved in the role of spectator. Where most of us have turned to our professions, small business, or entrepreneurship, some of us are willing to relent on our purely personal positions in favor of fixing this election process.

In the big picture, what the state committees do for the El Paso delegation is of little importance. In most scenarios, Clinton will get two national delegates from the area to Obama's one. The most important thing Donald Williams is doing showing me how it is done. The same day he issued the challenge, he sent the document to a big list of delegates and alternates to the state convention. He has remained in contact and talks with anyone who has a question. He let me know that there is a way to be heard.

Ken Sutherland is a really nice guy. There is little reason to doubt him. He sounds like Hans Christian Anderson. It was true that Clinton appeared in force. It is also true that if Danny Anchondo behaved in a way that meant to respect both candidates, the ratio would have been roughly 2-1. You have to realize, Mr. Bracamontes, that is not a matter of "fairness." Being involved in these campaign and as a volunteer at the Democratic Headquarters, I know there is no such thing as "ideal." That lesson took no time or any hiding at all.

The mayor was there. Silvestre Reyes was there. No one said anything. The few private citizens who did raise parliamentary points were met with jeers and boos from the crowd. None of the officials encouraged consideration for any speaker. I suggest you go to the next democratic meeting. See how Mr. Anchondo runs a meeting. The same quick, run-amok agenda is pressed through, no questions given any moment of genuine thought, and everyone gets home by 7pm-- unless you stay for the pizza and handshakes. I have only raised questions to the man three times and those were in an office setting. Three times he gave me incorrect information that other staff in the Democratic HQ later rectified.

Believe what you will about the county convention, but mark my words, the time of the incompetent homunculous is nearing its end. He better use all the tactics in his arsenal. If there is one thing people three +/- years my age are good at, it's smelling out a fink.

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