Tuesday, April 8

Pensee: A

We must know what policies we vote on are merely a matter of performing them now or at a later time. We must also be sure of which policies do more than simply enact law as writ. Those that can only suffer progress by increment and benefit very little from delay must make their gains every year. Those policies that are by judicious decision found incomplete must be delayed until such time as their shortcomings are addressed. Moreover, we must have a government delivered to us in plainer speech than this.

Let it not be understated: there are greater things than government. Policy is the main tool, but it is no greater solvency to society's ills than any other single trumpet calling for the victory of the people. The citizen is as important as the leader. The type of leader not only is aware that he may lose to the will of a single citizen, but he also is capable of losing without vital cost to the greater good. Mankind in any capacity must feel it is making its own decisions, and the leaders must be comfortable with this in more than appearance. As citizens, but certainly as leaders, we must oblige by being able not only to understand views anti-polar to our own, but find ourselves able enough to draw their argument as well or better as they could. We do not spare ourselves of the critical mind. We do not forget the ideals we represent. We are not afraid to look out.

And come what may.

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