Thursday, May 22

Blunt head trauma

We are at an impasse. I do not know if this is the easiest election we have ever had to vote in. Though these are troubling times, I cannot say these are especially strained. It is true that the American way of life is being threatened, but truth is merely that it is being threatened again. It has changed up the definition of the American way and from inside out, it threatens to change again. We are not the same nation that believes that hard work and morality are as important as they once were. Not simply a lack of naivete, the increased access to the power structure has made us as culpable as the leaders we like to chastise.

I know, this sounds a bit like complaining. It is a bit faceless and uninspiring. It's like Clinton saying she's won the popular vote or that Barack Obama has once you count all of the caucus states. It doesn't matter. The fact that we're arguing over such paltry points makes us smaller to suit, bigger to blame.

This is a no-brainer.

The question is how do we bring over the voters that already came out? If we merely do that, it may be enough. From what I have seen, and one thing that has no real proof no matter what a poll would say, an unintended result happens because of the massive army of Barack Obama volunteers. We are well organized. We are enthusiastic. Many of us are formidable opponents. I would say that CNN's Obama correspondents are mediocre. There are some stellar people on our side. It's why we're so confident that he will make a good President. We are confident in ourselves, and we're not even going to hold the public office.

This is a patriotic subversion. We are taking over the government without force, without war, with our hearts and minds. We must find a way to win over the voters who come out simply to oppose our views. Though Kentucky and West Virginia may have had their detriments, they are all survivable if we learn to address what is lacking.

We must learn how to win over women without criticizing what Hillary Clinton has done. We must win on economics and oil. We must find a winning way to sell our energy plans without falling victim to the anti-nuclear, anti-green lobbies. We must find ways to get the information to the people.

It might be good to include some of this information in the donor letters. It is done playing safe now. If we learn anything from McCain, it's that this should be easy. If we learn anything from Republicans, it's that they are playing the game in a successful albeit vulnerable and immoral organization. If we learn anything from Kentucky and West Virginia, it's that Obama still has lots of work to do within the party.

We aren't trying to win them all, but it is still important to be able to speak to any blaring dissent. Once we explain ourselves, if they are still against us, they can keep their votes. This is America, not some stupid gameshow. No take all winners at the end of the day. We'll still be here tomorrow.

Do the right damn thing.

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