Wednesday, May 14


A slight aside: I have been staying away from blogging mostly because of a Costas Now! episode in which a sports journalist censured bloggers for reasons, I have decided, apply only to the assholes he was yelling at. Basically bloggers who hate on Pittsburgh quarterbacks for no good reason.

Back to blogging.

I almost bought a Ron Paul T-shirt today for the Texas Democratic State Convention.

I think he added some extraneous information in there, but am glad he is putting neoconservatives on notice.

I went with a Join or Die T-shirt instead.

Not that my beliefs can be summed up by a garment.

More about Hillary Clinton tomorrow.

also, isn't the Bill O'Reilly meltdown hilarious? Didn't he impeach himself? Shouldn't he resign.

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melancholyjune said...

i heard a move to the beaver state was in the works? i woulda gone with the ron paul shirt... is he a repub anyway?