Friday, June 13

Thump speech

Greg Palast's office contacts you when you ask stridently. It took a week, but I should have some stuff coming in the mail. I tried talking to a few state reps while I was in Austin. What I need mostly is to build constituent interest for these reps to take anything I say seriously. Right now I only have Alpine as a potential area outside El Paso, TX. The others would be much longer trips, and there will be much more to do here for the general election. Looks like an email campaign to save the internet.

So thanks, AC. Your info will go to good use.

While I was in Austin, I had a long conversation with a communications major about the importance of the Press. While I cannot argue with the influence mass communication has on the people, the structure, and the everyday living effecting all of us, I am choose to be a silent mover. I think it is all very well to influence our neighbors, but this is not what mass communication is. It is the presentation of too general a theory that any dig into specific examples causes a significant compromise or serious narrowing of scope not intended by the original hypothesis. It is easy enough to manipulate polling questions or statistics to affect the answers that prove your point, but that specifically supports my distrust of the Press.

In plain terms, I do not talk to anyone publishing if I do not know their work. Even when I must trust a stranger, I verify their sources. Otherwise I rely on personal word-of-mouth to disseminate my information to the influences people will listen to. I try to get 3 independent sources saying the same thing before I believe my own verification. If I cannot, I collect what information is available but wait before I believe. I do not believe most news prima facie. You should at least be skeptical. They're getting to be almost as bad as those FWDs you get through email.

Treasure friends.

Take the suspension of the campaign story for instance. It is being sold as a way to respect the voters and supporters. I wonder how much of it is pretended for a shot at Howard Dean's chair. I do not mean that Hillary wants it, No no. I don't even think Terry McAuliffe would want that seat back. All I am saying is that you need to build amazing support among your constituency if you're going to take a shot at the incumbent. If members of the Democratic National Committee can be pressured to oust Howard Dean, these Hillary National Delegates are the constituency to push in this direction. I do not know who if anybody intends on running against Dean, but a full Mich/Fla certainly would come in handy for any blocks that could hurt the man a lot of people blame for cutting Clinton down.

We should not allow anything to happen to Dean. Senator Nelson is a joke for making his arguments in front of the RBC. I know he has constituent anger he has to deal with, but what's with all of the invoking of real and terrible atrocities from the history of the world. Only 23% of Dems voted in that Fla primary. If anything, they got bumped by near 100%. If anything, counting them as 50% disenfranchises the many people in Fla who knew their state had violated the rules and would not be counted. If you ever wondered what happened to that story, I just told you why it isn't ever going to change from the May ruling. Howard Dean should not be penalized for being a strong chair.

I'll tell you more about my local scene after a week.

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