Tuesday, January 20

Let's Call Him B-H.

One of the things that always bothered me about the communication among the Barack Obama camp was that we most succintly referred to him as BO. Some people always tended to use the more formal Senator or President-elect Obama, but for those whom efficiency is a standard, there was no other shorthand more used.

He's elected already. If we call him BH, it's another new piece to the cultural zeitgeist and more of the world making sense. Two scoops of Obama praise. His speech was the culmination of the week and the programming the most adept thank you to the nation for coming through for him. Hopefully the thank yous are over since the even tone of his speech was also his way of saying enough with the freaking fanaticism (though I would guess his nervousness was also reason for the even tone.)

He should be nervous. The whole world is counting on him. Still, the text of his speech far exceeds the delivery today. He deserved it. We have ourselves a President my lovelies.

I will say more about the content of his speech after we've seen some of it in action. Also, I want to find out what Bush's last actions in office were.

Did you check out the new website whitehouse.gov ?

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