Thursday, January 15

BHO: Not Just The Regular First Inaugural Address

I am getting really ants in my pants excited about the Monday and Tuesday. I am volunteering for the national day of service and thinking about what can be done in February. I'll let you know when I come up with something. Monday is just a bunch of Obama volunteers talking healthcare at several venues locally. There are a couple of minority factions trying to lobby for Solar farming, Black history month activities involving Barack Obama in public schools, and getting state representatives to deny bailout funding for cable companies (they're asking) unless they help deliver one of Obama's campaign promises, Free Universal Wi-Fi. The current tactic being espoused by MediaMatters.ORG is free universal broadband, but whatever, I'll take anything over the freakin tiered internet that undoubtedly would have passed should another Executive won office. You still hearing that noise up north too? Now she wants to kill beluga whales in addition to polar bears. What, you didn't know that while some glaciers melt, others are getting larger? It's called Springtime. Gosh, I don't think you are educationed like a Governor would be. Who ever heard of a person without executive experience that didn't know what they were talking about?

I said I would never talk about her again. It appears as if we are somewhat unable to because of the stupid rules about terms of office. If we must, I remit we never speak her name. It'll be like that time that boy soiled his pants on the way to Sunday morning church when I was 10. Just too embarrassing to refer to directly.

I couldn't help myself, here is one more slideshow summing up the Bush years. You'll have to click because the Guardian is being really protective of this Steve Bell cartoonist piece. People still supporting Bushie should be ashamed of themselves. Defend whatever ideas you think are salvageable and worth defending but leave Bush's name out of it. He's the best evidence America has seen of how the entire American government can fail its people. We are huge and big and powerful but still not yet invincible. No one is.

This thing will be more link-heavy and informative when things get started again. I really haven't been doing much because there hasn't been much to talk about-- At least not the way I talk about them.

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