Monday, March 31

Positive reinforcement

I need to catch up on about two weeks' sleep so this will be short.

I attended the El Paso County Convention yesterday.

The bad news: It was a big bucket of poo.

The good news: I am an Obama State Delegate. I am being sent to Austin.

Thanks to Oliva, Dori, Lance, Adrian, Beto, Taz, Sebastian, Rose, Kara, Padalino, Carl, Eve, Kath, Viv, Chris, Laura, Tom, Henry of Lighthouse Coffee, Donald, Paul, Maddie, Dave from DC, all of the Obama for America staff, Bassett Tower, Tatco Electronics, Sherwood Engineering, and Mom and Dad. Some days I really wanted to stay home or get out of it, but you guys kept me going.

Past, Present, and Future: Barack Obama is what this country needs.