Friday, March 28

Case for Obama Pt. 2

We have a pivotal choice to make. America will take a third seat in global growth markets behind the European Union in wealth and Russo-Chinese arrangements in growth markets. The only issue less understood than the Iraq war is the looming needs of alternative energy and sustainable resources. Immigration, our retiring citizens, and the rising cost of health care must be handled. That is a lot for four years. If the Democratic party does not address and act upon every single problem facing us today, we will lose the election in 2012. All of our worst fears and most cynical opinions will resume after four years.


We could be lead around by the nose. Everyone from Governors to Congress members, from foreign trading partners to mom and pop store owners, from activist celebrities to wide-eyed college freshmen will urge on the air of panic. Unless we elect one who conducts him or herself as anything other than a statesman, who acts as if he owes his allegiance to the people who gave him their trust—we will have difficult decades beyond that of difficult years. Barack Obama has the mind and the voice to inform and draw measures that will be capable of meeting the hardships this country will face. Clearly Barack Obama is the candidate who owns misgivings and has the self-respect to supersede any setback.

Now, we are both believing what we would like to about our candidates. Being human, when asked to describe strangers we are most often listing characteristics we see in ourselves. There is no doubt that very exceptional qualities can be found in both candidates running for President.

But let me add this: Barack Obama is shockingly one of those good people who got into government despite what politics has made of it. You are right to believe that he does not quite fit in Washington D.C. What we’ve passively allowed to happen to that city, the waste and commonplace corruption---It’s downright disgusting.

Barack Obama is exactly the type of person who needs to be in our nation’s highest office. Instead of having the good people in government trying to make fair what otherwise would be unworkable institution; we must put the good people, and not just the good politicians, in office.

Based on character alone, you should be able to identify Barack Obama as a man whose had to carve out his own destiny. You should admire this man when virtually nothing he has was ever guaranteed. You should admire how he still has the respect and compassion made him dream big. You should consider his entire life, not just the Barack Obama since Iowa, not the Obama of your inbox, not the Barack designed by pundits to convince you of their self-importance.

Barack Obama is not just the makings of an interesting bit of election history, he is the chance, the first one in my lifetime, that this nation, We the people, can reclaim our voice as citizens.

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melancholyjune said...

you don't need to make your cases. i'm sold! obama 08!