Friday, March 21

Even if you win, you lose.

Sorry for the preach read below.

The entire purpose behind the Reverend Wright episode is now evident. It took a few days. It took some hammering by the fucking retarded major news outlets. But if you miss the point, it doesn't really matter.

It was viral.

You were meant to think "There is a white America." or "People who think there is a white America are against America."

The fact that our diplomacy often looks like state-sponsored terrorism was the context of the speech used to defame Rev. Wright is for naught.

How do we know when he said what? All of it is innuendo. Any other statement they follow is now in your mind as him having said from the pulpit.

If you've heard anything about it at all, unless you've already trained your mind to systematically flush garbage bigotry from your mind, it's already in you. It may not be part of your character, but it will come out of you now in flashes.

Don't show patronage to this news. Not just because it's Obama, or because it will be McCain, or that it's aimed at Clinton.

Turn the channel.

Inform yourself.

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