Friday, March 7

Me, beastly

Politics isn't reason or efficiency. The cool calm head needed in times of stress isn't something people vote on. They probably would if they could see it, but none of us know what a candidate looks like in times of real stress.

The most stress we see candidates buckle under is the horrid lines constant appearances carve into their faces. We can guess that because someone has been in war or that another seems to have a judicious mind prepares a candidate for President of the United States. We are told so many lies that it becomes part of the game. We never get to see what the candidates will really be like because the most the whoring and monkey-dancing shows us is that a candidate has the stomach for the political arena.

To some of us, a friendly candidate who makes all the rounds shows us that a real person is in there. We're supposed to feel relieved that this person is just like us, and that we'll have an in to suck this person of all the resources lacking in our lives. Most of us think government is merely selfish interest. So do as we're supposed to just in case.

It sounds naive and ill-advised to speak about ideas to someone engaged in politics. Even if they are talking policy, they are people eager to pile up congratulations. Elections are an ugly thing. The kind of people who have traditionally been involved in campaign races are even uglier. You might wonder, like I do, if the younger people I've met who are not yet affected eventually will become like so many of the other vain men and women whose photo-handshakes can ever number enough. I do wonder if participating in the sometimes ludicrous structure of government will so politicize my feelings, beliefs, and mind, that all that is left is that poison. I turn around and I'm this sweaty man more interested in winning than knowing what I'm fighting for.

Texas Caucus is up next. It's passed, but I ran one. I thought you might be interested in knowing what that's like. I've got the county convention meeting coming up, and I plan on setting a meeting to devise caucus strategy with other Texan delegates.

I am not going to do as I'm supposed to.

I never have.

I will tell you as much as is not stupid to have out there. I will say that Obama supporters are different from McCain/Hillary supporters in the level of selfishness we mostly lack.

Til After the weekend.

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melancholyjune said...

hear hear! i've been waiting to read this enlightening first post! some of that went over my head, i will need to re-read that when i'm not so sleepy. selfishness? mccain? hillary supports? nah.. heehee