Thursday, March 13

The Mob is Your Enemy

More than Republicans or Neocons or Muslims or Terrorists or Corporations or Lobbyists or Priests or Atheists Democrats or Liberals or Pharmaceuticals or Petrochemical boards, the Mob is your enemy.

Don't add to it.

I could get really angry here. I could blow up, not make any sense, and alienate the persona I want here writing to you.

I could explain how negative campaigning, whether you do it or it's done on national television by Presidential candidates, only achieves in puncturing the opponent's favor while most often deflating their own. Because it hurts the opponent more is the only reason it's done.

Please don't listen to small people who try to impeach a person's character when we've got a country to think about. Don't rely on surface attacks and email fwds to base your decision. They are make-believe important.

Honor your ability as a human to think as a citizen.

If you find yourself carrying on down the avenue shouting with your fists in the air, ask yourself, "Why am I doing this? Wait one second, what do I believe?" Don't just shout and clap for and nod your approval if you've got nothing going on there. I'll fight you over it, so just make sure your own reasons are as good.

$25 to the person who makes me a Don't Add (front) the mob is your enemy (back) t-shirt.

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